Blanket 5 Week 4

Well, our fun and games have concluded! It’s back to normal now, and crochet will continue at a faster rate. For the past 10 days I have only completed the daily square for #crochet6in366 and that for the end of 2020 blanket. Everything else was put on hold. Why? Well… we celebrated our Golden Wedding! Fifty years of care and companionship. I won’t claim that the years have had no ups and downs, we have had our fair share, but they have made our relationship stronger.

We had to celebrate two parts. The actual weekend was spent at Tylney Hall with half of the family.

But, thanks to Covid holiday quarantine , our son and family were unable to attend. This weekend, therefore, we stayed at Marwell Resort and spent yesterday at the Zoo with the younger members of the family.

All in all it worked out as the perfect celebration, even though we had originally intended something completely different.

So now I’ll be catching up with Tickled Pink etc, more about that soon.

Now, for those of you following along, here is the schedule for our mystery CrochetAlong!

  • September 16: Storm Blue, Silver, Cloud Blue, Pale Rose, Mushroom.
  • September 17: Pale Rose, Lobelia, Bluebell, Violet, Mushroom.
  • September 18: Cloud Blue, Pale Rose, Silver, Storm Blue, Mushroom.
  • September 19: Lobelia, Bluebell, Violet, Pale Rose, Mushroom.
  • September 20: Stone, Sage, Storm Blue, Raspberry, Mushroom.
  • September 21: 5 rounds of Mushroom. Single colour square. END OF STRIP 3
  • September 22: Silver, Storm Blue, Cloud Blue, Pale Rose, Mushroom. START OF STRIP 4.

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