Blanket 5 – week 3

This last week at Chez Nuvofelt has been very exciting. Very little crochet has taken place … in fact, the bare minimum. We spent the weekend with family, but if you follow on Instagram you will know there was more to it than that.

Tylney Hall Hotel

The clue is here, but I’ll share more with you in a day or two. In the meantime – here is the schedule of squares for this week.

  • September 9: Pale Rose, Violet, Lobelia, Bluebell, Mushroom.
  • September 10: Raspberry, Storm Blue, Sage, Stone, Mushroom.
  • September 11: Storm Blue, Cloud Blue, Pale Rose, Silver, Mushroom.
  • September 12: Lobelia, Violet, Bluebell, Pale Rose, Mushroom. END OF STRIP 2
  • September 13: Storm Blue, Raspberry, Stone, Sage, Mushroom. START OF STRIP 3
  • September 14: Pale Rose, Bluebell, Violet, Lobelia, Mushroom.
  • September 15: Raspberry, Sage, Storm Blue, Stone, Mushroom

The next schedule will be published on September 16.

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