Scrappy Dappy 2020

Scrap balls, leftovers, remains … call them what you will … we all have them!

The colours and quantities may vary, but they are lying about waiting to be used.

This morning I realised that I may well be swamped by them if I leave them much longer, and I was also impressed by the date!

September 1! Significance? 122 days left in the year! That means a square a day, with two off for good behaviour, will give me a 12 x 10 throw! So, I can have Christmas Day and Boxing Day with none of these squares, and still complete it!

Scrappy Dappy 2020 is born! Fancy using your scraps in the same way? Just go for it!

I’m edging with the newish French Navy in the Stylecraft Special DK range. And yes! I have made today’s #crochet6in366!

One thought on “Scrappy Dappy 2020

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