Finished! Blues in Twos

Blues in Twos is finished.

I’ve really enjoyed making this for a little baby due towards the end of the year.

I’ve only added a small border as this is intended to be a functional blanket.

Most squares have a coloured centre made from my basket of scraps. The second round is a mix of blues – again – from my basket of scraps. There are a few squares (one can be seen above) which have a centre two rounds of a single blue.

The main colour is Stylecraft Special DK in Petrol and the border has a touch of the same yarn in Sherbet. Final dimensions are 41 x 32 inches (104 x 81 cm). There are 120 four-round squares- 10 strips of 12. Apart from the scraps I used a few oddments of other colours and 3 balls of Petrol. It took approximately six weeks while I worked on other projects too.

Don’t photograph blankets outside on a windy day! This almost blew away!

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