More squares for Nasturtiums

Just one week to keep you going with #crochet6in366

  • August 5: Primrose, Cypress, Meadow, Pistachio, Dandelion, Mustard, Gold
  • August 6: Tomato, Primrose, Dandelion, Sunshine, Clementine, Mustard, Gold
  • August 7: Pistachio, Dandelion, Primrose, Cypress, Meadow, Mustard, Gold STRIP 4 ENDS
  • August 8: Dandelion, Sunshine, Clementine, Tomato, Primrose, Mustard, Gold STRIP 5 BEGINS
  • August 9: Meadow, Pistachio, Primrose, Citron, Saffron, Mustard, Gold
  • August 10: Primrose, Dandelion, Sunshine, Clementine, Tomato, Mustard, Gold
  • August 11: Pistachio, Meadow, Primrose, Dandelion, Sunshine, Mustard, Gold
Just some of the nasturtiums amongst some of our other colourful flowers

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