Hope after Brexit? (Not political)

Don’t worry – this isn’t a political post!

We all know what happened on January 31st. Some people are on one side of the fence, some on the other side. I don’t think anyone is firmly in the middle, but the one thing we all have in common is The Sky! So I’ve decided to raise my eyes upwards for inspiration for a new blanket and live in hope that all will be resolved without too much angst for ordinary people.

I announced it last night on Instagram, and here is the first square for you to see. It will mark 100 days, and unlike the Brexit Blanket, which just became a nightmare as negotiations took turn after turn, will not refer at all to anything except the daily sky.

Don’t read anything into the first square. It was a beautiful day, brilliant sunshine and gloriously blue sky all day. I chose Sunshine yellow and Cornish Blue (both Stylecraft colours) to start, but from now on the blue and yellow will be a random mix. The edging I’d Parchment – always a good joining colour.

Maybe you would like to raise your eyes and do something similar, let me know if you do, but if nothing else, just leave a comment over the next however long and let me know what your sky is doing.

We only have one sky – and we all live underneath it!

Have a great day.

Introducing the Week must hope after Brexit’ blanket.

5 thoughts on “Hope after Brexit? (Not political)

  1. Linda

    Our sky is blue – nearly every day our sky is blue – and the sun is shining because that is what it does over here for approx 350 days of the year. The heat this weekend has been unbearable – the humidity has been unbearable BUT today I’m at work in the aircon – YAY !!
    Have the best day xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Humidity really is ‘the worst’! We don’t have as many grey skies as people would have you believe 😂. We are only a small landmass and weather does vary a great deal, but remembering the sun really does help 😉


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