Half way there!

Yes! Today’s square marks the halfway point of this 6 x 8 blanket!

The first four strips completed

It should be obvious by now that the multicoloured blocks are surrounded by single colour squares. This really will mean that only a minimal border will be needed if you are in a hurry to finish.

As you can see, I’m joining as I go. My crochet join is really simple, but you are free to use your own favourite joining method. If I have time over the weekend I will try to make a short video, but I’m travelling again so it may be next week.

Don’t forget to leave me a link so That I can see your squares. Don’t fret if you are running behind, the Crochet Police are still on holiday and will remain so for at least this year! 😉

The tag for blogs or Instagram is #crochet6in366

6 thoughts on “Half way there!

    1. Thank you Sandra. I have a couple of photos from others too. I will be doing a catch-up but it was difficult while away from home. One more day travelling tomorrow and the all should be back to normal. Thanks for the link.


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