Week 4 #crochet6in366

Here we are at week 4 already. I’m currently away from home, so this is a scheduled post. I have help with my yarn this week so I’m on my guard!

They look peaceful at the moment, but a flying crochet hook and resulting whizzing yarn is almost too much for them to bear. Fortunately I’m not alone and their owners are well conversed with all their sneaky tricks. If you want to see more of them you can follow their occasional antics on Instagram.

If you are following along you will be waiting for the next squares. Here is a reminder of the colours followed by the sequence for each colourway.

Week 4: DUCK EGG sequence

  • January 22: 1/4/3/2/5/5.
  • January 23: 4/1/2/3/5/5.
  • January 24: six round Duck Egg. Strip 4 complete.
  • January 25: six round Duck Egg. Strip 5 begins.
  • January 26: 2/4/1/3/5/5.
  • January 27: 4/2/3/1/5/5/.
  • January 28: 3/2/1/4/5/5.

Week 4: Magenta sequence

  • January 22: 5/1/4/3/2/5.
  • January 23: 5/4/1/2/3/5.
  • January 24: six round Magenta. Strip 4 complete.
  • January 25: six round Magenta. Strip 5 begins.
  • January 26: 5/2/4/1/3/5.
  • January 27: 5/4/2/3/1/5.
  • January 28: 5/3/2/1/4/5.

The second half of the blanket is now underway. I have to admit that I’m thinking ahead to the next blanket in this series. I think this one might be made mostly with scraps – but I may change my mind …..

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