Here we go with December

December is a very busy month, and not just because there are celebrations at the end. I may not be around much, but we’ll see what we can do! I’m certainly planning something for tomorrow if I can have a little crochet time later today.

Do you remember this? It’s the completed square from December 2016, the square that started the whole Temperature Blanket thing. I started in December so that I could have the seasons in single strips. I’ll show you the progress on that another day, but today’s post is about December.

For some time I have taken a daily photo of the sky and also of the view from our back door. When the weather is cold, damp and grey it’s a useful resource to prove to myself that the weather is not always like that. In fact, it has proved time and time again that we have more blue skies than grey ones – and hopefully that will shatter your illusions about the UK.

It occurred to me that to complete 2017 in crochet would be a good opportunity to make a comparison, so the December Blanket is just that – a comparison between 2016 and 2017. Here’s the first square

I’ve chosen Parchment as the linking colour as that was the link for winter. the inner square represents last year, and the outer colours are obviously those for yesterday. Below is part of my record for December 2016, so you will already know what the inner squares will look like for several days. It shouldn’t take long to catch up if I get behind in my production.

There won’t be a Spirit of December blanket. I’ve made 13 and this month will be a break. I have decided that I will make another Temperature Blanket for 2018, but at the moment I’m not sure about the Spirit Blankets, I may do something else, the thoughts are still whizzing around my head. The Temp Blanket will start on Jan 1 – at the same time as the stashbusting blanket. They can happily run along together as they will be similar……. I think 😉

If you would like to see a list of the colours used in the whole blanket you will find it here. There will be a section dedicated to this enterprise as and when I can find time to do it. I may change the colours slightly for next year now that Stylecraft have introduced some new shades. That remains to be decided.

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