The ends are reducing!

Darning in the ends of crochet is not an arduous task for me. I find it most relaxing and therapeutic. So I’m taking my time while working on a January project too

The blanket, which I’m calling Sprit of December is roughly a temperature blanket for the last month of 2016. Each day I recorded the temperature in the morning when I woke, and again at mid-afternoon. A colour was allotted to each degree, and the stack you saw yesterday was the result. I plan to have it finished by the end of January, and in the meantime I’m working one the Spirit of January, along the same lines. It will be interesting to compare.

Here is a mini collage of some of the squares.

Grannies aren’t my favourite, but they are suiting this project, and it’s a good discipline to work consistently on something that takes determination to see it through.

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