And now for the ends! 

Firstly, thank you for the comments made on my last couple of posts. If you are still waiting for a reply I apologise. I really appreciate them, but find it so much easier to answer via the pic – and I haven’t opened mine for a while. I will do so soon, though, in the meantime here is a sort of December catch-up!

A couple of posts back I showed you a granny square. My relationship with these easy crochet pieces began many years ago before I was married. I began a blanket in shades of white, apricot and grey. There were 8 rounds in each square and my ambition was to make a blanket big enough to cover the bed to the ground, on each side. I bought a ball of colour now and then, as I ran out. Then disaster struck! The shop closed and no one else sold the brand. The finished squares were bundled into a bag and hidden at the bottom of my wardrobe. 

Time passed and I met and became engaged to my, now, husband. His mother, sadly no longer with us, was a fellow yarnaholic and I mentioned the blanket to her. lol and behold – she knew of a shop selling this yarn, although it was a fair journey away. So, once again the square production started, although the intended blanket size now increased by quite a lot in order to cover the bed once we were married. 

Progress was slow. I had a full time job, and topping up the yarn only happened when I visited my fiancé and his family. All went well, though, until….

…. that shop closed too…..

At some point the bag and its contents were donated to a charity. I had had enough of granny squares to last me a lifetime! 

So to begin working on a blanket made with said squares has been an emotional journey. I have, at times, been ‘transported ‘ back into the last century long before the Internet brought everything so close. Back to the days when there were even steam trains operating on a daily basis. Yes, I really am that old! 

Anyway….. enough reminiscing let’s get back to the purpose of this post. 

Granny squares! I’ve been making a few. 

This is just one, but I made 30 during December. That equates to one a day with Christmas Day off! I’m calling it the Spirit of December blanket. I’ll tell you more about the colours and idea behind it when it’s a little more ‘together ‘. In the meantime… I spy a few ‘ends’!

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