‘Spirit of … 2018’

If you have been following the blog you will know that 2017 saw the creation of a number of blankets as a sideline to the initial Temperature Blanket. These were created around the colours of the month, in various random designs. Below are just a few.

Thirteen blankets were made, an extra one for the third week of January which threw up some very pretty colours, and a fourteenth is currently in the pipeline – a general roundup of the 12 months.

December 2017 was therefore the last month of the year, but not actually part of the original idea. As a result I had a different plan, and that has proved very interesting.

It’s just about finished. Each block is a comparison between the date last year and this – the current year being the outer colours. I used Parchment as the linking colour. Just the last strip to join and then a little border. This is the foundation of my plan for the Spirit of the month blankets for 2018.

If you would like to join me let me know below or join us in the group mentioned in the accompanying post. If you need to buy yarns for your crochet don’t forget that Deramores have a wonderful selection, very good prices, and often further discounts too. Please follow this link if you would like to support my crochet – I get a small amount of commission if you do.

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