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It’s coming together

This is a quick post, just to show you the progress on the Temperature Blanket. Here is November joined to it's Autumn fellows. It wasn't easy to photograph, and this line wasn't really the best place, but it will have to do It's actually upside down, but the little taggy things kept getting blown by… Continue reading It’s coming together

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The penultimate!

It doesn't look much, does it? Wisteria and Storm Blue edged with Gold. It's almost, but not quite, the last square of the Temperature Blanket. I can tell you that today's starts with Lavender in the Centre, and it too will be edged with Gold, but the intervening colour is yet to be determined by… Continue reading The penultimate!

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Temperature Roundup

Save Here we are at the start of Autumn - and only 3 more months to go to complete this exercise. I'm loving doing the small square each day. The colours are a bit odd as all photos were taken with the iPhone. Once joined and finished I'll take a proper picture. Yarns purchased mostly… Continue reading Temperature Roundup

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C’est finis!

Another month is over! August has begun!!I'm a little behind with the Spirit of the Month blankets - but that's fine. I chose not to start July until the month was finished because I didn't want to be as frustrated with quantities as I was with the Spirit of April! So, now that I'm about… Continue reading C’est finis!