Temperature and a bit of Yum!

The blues are becoming more prominent in the temperature blanket. This square brings us up to date as far as yesterday. There’s still a touch of green but …

Read on if you are looking for the granny square charts

I’ve mentioned The CARIAD BLANKET PROJECT before. Helen is doing a grand job, and has even show her skills via LIVE Instagram demos! That’s very brave and something I have still to try.

On Saturday she demonstrated cheese scones – the recipe is linked via the picture above. I made this rustic version on Saturday.

I’m mentioning the project because I’m about to start another blanket for them. I’ll be fitting it in around another project, and colours are still being finalised. I can, however, reveal that each granny square will have SIX ROUNDS

One thing I promise though, is that it won’t have 720 squares! Follow that link for six round squares and THIS FOR FIVE ROUNDS.


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4 thoughts on “Temperature and a bit of Yum!

  1. Linda

    Cheese scones are always yummy. I had a great cheese scone recipe that worked in South Africa – do you think I can get it work here ? Not on your life !!!! I think the flour here is very different to SA – the bread lasts longer – probably due to different preservatives etc but the flour must also be different because I just can’t get my cheese scones to work the same.
    Take care and stay safe xox


      1. Linda

        Oooh – thank you for that – we have some Polish friends so I will see where she buys her flour from and if she has a ‘local’ Polish shop where she sources ingredients !!!
        I love my friends who live in my computer and can help with helpful tips like this – thank you xox


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