Nasturtiums and the blues!

The weeks seem to be flying by. We have completed 200 days of #crochet6in366 believe it or not! Below are the squares for the next sequence, but first a glimpse of a few more squares for Blues in Twos. I made a cursory layout of the centres before I began so, apart from making aContinue reading “Nasturtiums and the blues!”

Decisions about Dolly

It’s been an unsettling week in this household. My very special and dear Uncle has been in hospital undergoing surgery. Unexpectedly this resulted in two surgeries within 24 hours. He is now doing well, but of course can’t have visitors – and other communication is very limited. At 96 both were something he’d rather notContinue reading “Decisions about Dolly”

Squares, squares and more squares

Wednesday – so it must mean a new schedule for #crochet6in366! Only one week this time as we get into the swing of the Nasturtium Blanket. We finish the first strip this week, and begin the second. July 8: Meadow, Pistachio, Citron, Saffron, Cypress, Mustard, Gold July. 9: Saffron, Sunshine, Clementine, Spice, Dandelion, Mustard, GoldContinue reading “Squares, squares and more squares”