2020 retrospective – February

February was a quiet month in the Nuvofelt household. It was remarkably mild, with temperatures reaching 14C on one day, which was marked by Sage in the Temperature Blanket. #crochet6in366 continued and the two demo blankets were finished – and also another that was quietly made in the background.

As you like it! Or, Goodbye Winter!

‘With a hey, and a ho, and a hey-nonny-no, These pretty country folks would lie In springtime, the only pretty ring time, When birds do sing, Hey ding a ding, ding. Sweet lovers love the spring.’ William Shakespeare. Yes! Today is the last day of meteorological winter. TOMORROW IS SPRING! In truth, most of ourContinue reading “As you like it! Or, Goodbye Winter!”

Week 9 #crochet6in366

The end of one month and into a new one. Winter ends and spring begins! Yesterday saw the last square of the first strip and today we begin the second. So, this coming week will see most of the squares for the second strip completed if you follow along with the schedule below: February 26:Continue reading “Week 9 #crochet6in366”