I’ve been contemplating gratitude. I have so much – and am so grateful.

A friend of ours has cancer. A brain tumour has been removed – now radiotherapy begins. Once that is complete they begin to treat his lung cancer. A widower, he had no family until he remarried a widow with no children. Thankfully they have taken him to their hearts and are supporting him.

I cherish the time with our family. We are blessed to have four grandchildren of various ages – and we see them regularly. It’s hard to believe that our daughter and son were once their age! Photographs like this serve as a reminder that there is still a lot of life to come.


I’m not ready to show you the progress on the Michaelmas Throw – instead I’ll just show you something with which I’ve been playing.


There’ll be more about this once the other is finished – and that won’t be long!



Back to front

It’s usual to begin with the inspiration and work towards the finished item. This is how I have always worked but today I was taken aback by a corner of the garden.


Michaelmas Daisies. I thought I had photographed the violet ones too, but I didn’t   The colours reminded me of my current c2c.

I’ve been calling it my ‘Man’s Blanket but as from today I will call it the Michaelmas Blanket 😆