Thanks to National Crochet Month I can celebrate my favourite colour of ‘neutral’.

This particular shade of Stylecraft Special DK is the most useful colour of all.


I have used it in several of my ‘creations’, and it’s in my current WIP too.


If you haven’t found us yet, don’t forget to come and join us in the Ravelry C2C group. You can always find the link in the sidebar.

Not long now until April. Another link in the sidebar will take you to the A-Z challenge. I’ve decided that the posts for that challenge will all be craft based. Don’t presume they will all be centred around crochet ……… but I’m sure it will get a mention 😉

Current WIP

Half way! The turning point!

This is a Corner to Corner crocheted blanket. Otherwise known as a C2C, you might like to come and join us in the Ravelry C2C group – the link is below and in the sidebar.

Tonight the rows will begin to get shorter. I started it on 28th Feb, and it ‘grew’ on me. There are 15 colours – a mix of pinks, blues and a neutral. I was able to devote more time to it than expected, but who knows what the future holds!

Posted for National Crochet Month. There will be another post for this theme tomorrow – and I will also give you an idea of the posts I will be making for the April A-Z challenge. If you are thinking of taking part there is a link in the sidebar to the details.





Images float past me of old ladies sitting with blankets over their knees while clutching shawls around their shoulders. Could this be the inspiration for this prompt?

I hope not!

Once again the prompt is for something I haven’t made. Chatting on Ravelry (see the link to the C2C group in the sidebar), however, I have discovered that there is a charity in the USA that asks for donations of crocheted or knitted shawls to be presented to the families of organ donors. They don’t call them ‘shawls’ but ‘hugs’. I’d love to make a HUG! The required size is 30 x 60 inches. I wonder if there is such a charity here in the UK?

I’ll give you an update of this tomorrow. My next job is to count the rows and take stock. 


Posted for National Crochet Month



I have yet to make a blanket for a baby. The youngest recipient was 4, and the oldest – somewhat older 😉

I did, however, receive a commission for one just a couple of days ago. This is the colour guide


I’m not sure exactly which colours will be in the final choice, but I always like to work with an odd number of colours. I think they work more easily on the eye. I won’t be starting it until after I have finished Raspberry Lobelia. The requested delivery date for the new one is September.

Posted for National Crochet Month

The membership of the c2c Ravelry group is growing. Hope you will come and join us – click the image below to find us.



I love pineapple!

The colours are inspirational too


Just 5 colours extracted from the image above. I rather think they would make a pretty blanket…… 😉

Posted for National Crochet Month

Here’s a reminder of the prompts for the month.


IMG_8529Come and join us on Ravelry – click the picture to find your way there – or there is a link in the sidebar.

Lost WIP

This is going to sound very smug…… I don’t have one! I have been very strict. I’m not allowed to start another project until the current one is finished. That doesn’t mean to say that the situation won’t change!! I have a feeling I won’t be able to resist starting some things in the not too distant future, but hopefully none will become ‘lost’.


I thought I’d show you something that wasn’t exactly ‘LOST’ but has been resurrected.

From time to time I make a little book – either as a journal or as a project book. This, I think, was made at the end of 2014, but due to unexpected family health problems and more it wasn’t used for it’s intended purpose. The cover is made with strips of painted newspaper, some of which had the addition of scrawly doodles. Quick machine stitching added a bit of texture and it is held together with a length of suede leather ribbon

Inside are a collection of pages I hand dyed.


These are just some of them.

I have a few of these – all will be used at some point, but this one made me think of the sea, so I’ve decided to make it my journal for our little mini cruise in a couple of months. It needs a little more preparation, so that’s my intention – and I have feeling you will see more of it next month during the A-Z challenge. Are you going to join in? The link is in the sidebar. If you do add your name = don’t forget to let me know below – I’d hate to miss a post.

This post is made in response to the prompts for National Crochet Month