Blue is the prompt for today, and actually, I find it a difficult colour with which to work. Once I get going it isn’t too bad – as you can see from my current work in progress, but it’s the one colour that really causes me a lot of angst.

I thought I’d share this picture with you – pear blossom against the sky this morning. Stunning! Maybe I should interpret that in crochet?

You know how much I love working from corner to corner. I’ve just started a new group on Ravelry – dedicated to C2Cs. Will you come and join me? You can find it here.

Posted for National Crochet Month.


Favourite shop

I’m guessing that this prompt for National Crochet Month would like to know the favourite shop for purchasing yarn! Well…..

So far most of my crochet yarn has been purchased from my local shop. He doesn’t have a website (yet), and he only sells Stylecraft yarn. He does, however, always have all colours in stock. The shop is just 20 minutes walk away – it means that I can keep fit while indulging my crochet requirements 😀

You may remember that earlier this year I mentioned I would be joining in with the A-Z challenge in April. There is a link to the details in the sidebar. I’ve been giving some thought to what I might write about – and I think I have come up with an idea. To whet your appetite I’ll show you a glimpse of ‘A’ (always presuming that I do run with that theme)


Any ideas?

Not long until you find out 😉   I’ll be announcing which theme I have chosen before too long.


An interesting prompt for National Crochet Month! What has music to do with crochet? (If you missed the list of prompts you can find them in this post)

I gather from a lot of my friends that I am unusual. I love to work in silence. I don’t walk around with music plugged into my ears, and I like to drive in silence too. It follows then, that I crochet in silence – unless it is evening and there is something ‘good’ on TV!


I’d love to know how you would have responded. 

Current WIP

National Crochet Month

I think I forgot to show you the list of prompts! Very remiss of me, so let’s rectify that immediately.  
A few of the prompts will need quite a lot of consideration, but today’s is easy.

Still working on the throw I’m calling ‘Raspberry Lobelia’ for no particular reason. I’m pleased with the progress in spite of hospital appointments

The next picture shows how much I have hooked since the last ‘reveal’

I’ll soon be halfway.  I still have the ends to weave in. I find that very relaxing so I will do that while I think about the border colours. There are 15 from which to choose ….:


Spring is here. Early spring, that is. In a few short weeks the apple blossom will be flowering in abundance – it’s one of my favourite times of the year.

No blossom on the trees and bushes at the moment, though. But I do have flowers in the house!


Flowers are a useful source of colour inspiration.

A post for National Crochet Month – find all posts in this series via this link.


Once again, an unexpected prompt for the month.

In truth – I keep snacks as far away from crochet as I possibly can. The last thing I want is food of any description close to my work in progress!

What is your ‘go to’ snack? Mine is ……


…. a small bowl of walnuts. If I feel very adventurous I’ll add a few olives 😀

Another post for National Crochet Month. If you have missed any you can find them all here.