Current WIP

This month has passed really quickly. It’s been fun to share with you each day, and today’s topic will confirm that I am still working on the Raspberry Lobelia blanket!


The rows are now getting shorter – but I think that it will take most if not all of April to finish it. I may be surprised – time may become available to do a little more than I expect. If you would like to follow it’s rough progression this link will show you all the posts that include a few details.

National Crochet Month is over for this year – below is the last list of all the prompts, if you would like to revisit them you can find them all here. Tomorrow begins with the first letter of the A-Z challenge – not all posts will be about crochet, but probably all will be talking about creativity in some form or another. I’ll also update you with progress on the above blanket from time to time, possibly on a Sunday when there are no A-Z posts scheduled. Thanks for all your recent comments – I will get around to answering as soon as I can spend time on the PC.

By the way, before you disappear to do something else you might like to click this link and visit Daniella Joe’s blog where you can enter a generous giveaway.


Is this a cheat? I have no means of making a video about crochet, so I’m including a link to the one that I have found most useful  for instructions for making a corner to corner blanket.

There are other videos and instructions on the net too, and, of course, the technique can be used for many other items – and I can highly recommend making a small sample of each of the colours you use. My little samples are 5 x 5 blocks – and I play with them from time to time to confirm colourways or sequences.


If you decide to have a go – or in fact already use the technique, don’t forget you can join us on Ravelry. Hope to see you there.

Posted for National Crochet Month. One more day to go – and then we start with the A-Z challenge. Hope you will keep reading.



Where do you crochet? I always sit in the same chair with my sample squares and current yarns at my side.


I took the above picture this morning – and noticed something I didn’t want to see!!

In a few more rows I will need Aster – but look – a rogue whisp or too of unwelcome colour…


Decisions…. decisions. Shall I just start and rejoin when I get to the fault – or cut my losses at this stage and wind the next few yards off for scrap? I’ll think on…..

So close to the end of the month now. April will be here before we know it – and with it the A-Z challenge. I’ve hardly had time to visit any other participants. Hopefully things will calm down enough for me to enjoy the month. My first post is already scheduled…..

Posted for National Crochet Month




There’s nothing like childhood friends

Sometimes these friendships last a lifetime

Sadly I lost my best friend of all earlier this year 
My dear Mother, seen here with my first grandchild and her first great grandchild. She was 97 when she died so lived to see him grow big and strong.

Who is your best friend?

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