January temperatures.

Minus 3 to plus 13! January was an interesting month for temperatures. With the exception of the bottom square shown above – each square represents 3 days. The square above shows the last day – 0deg to 4deg. More days of the month hovered around 4deg than any others, so that is marked by aContinue reading “January temperatures.”

January in colour!

Snow and primroses in the same week! Very unexpected. These tiny flowers give us colour from August to April. They are so special when they decorate bare branches. The last day of the month – and the last finish of January. I will give more details another day, and hopefully better photographs too. I’m pleasedContinue reading “January in colour!”

Five Colour Friday

Sometimes my choices for these posts are inspired by something I’ve seen and admired. Sometimes it’s a corner of the garden that’s just coming into bloom, or a view from the window of a car or train, but there isn’t much garden inspiration around this month, and travelling any sort of distance by car (definitelyContinue reading “Five Colour Friday”