Five Colour Friday – a revisit

Five Colour Fridays are normally posted at the end of the month, this post, however, and originally published in February 2017, introduced the monthly series of posts with suggestions for colour schemes. I had previously published similar collections on my teaching website (no longer online) but as a challenge for various types of media. It was very popular, and, indeed, could still continue along those lines. However, as I’m sure I’ve told you before that I love playing with colour, these featured small combinations that also act as ‘aides memoires’ for me too.


This collection features 5 colours from the Stylecraft Special DK range namely:  Parchment, Duck Egg, Storm Blue, Cloud Blue and Wisteria.

It made a very pretty cushion.


However, it’s no longer in my possession so I can’t give you an updated picture.

I’m revisiting some old posts as I tidy up the blog a bit. If there’s anything in particular you remember that you would like to see again, let me know.

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