Five Colour Friday.

Bright and cheerful is the order of the day!

A rainbow – that isn’t quite….!

The single square multiples into a stunning blanket, but if Granny Squares aren’t actually your ‘thing’, just keep reading on. There’s a link below that may interest you.

I’ve used an unintentional mix of brands – Dandelion was out of stock everywhere, but I found a good substitute.

Stylecraft colours are

  • Fuchsia Purple
  • Dandelion*
  • Green
  • Lobelia and
  • Violet

* Fortunately James C Brett Top Vale in colour number 8462 is a very good substitute. It’s a lovely yarn to use, too.

I’ll remind you that FIVE COLOURS will offer up to 120 different combinations for a stunning blanket. The link will take you to a chart, but for a quick and easy alternative you may like to take a look at my new FIVE BALL BLANKET.

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