So close! #crochet6in366

Today we begin the final strip of Funfetti HotchPotch. Only 9 more squares to complete the blanket. Below you will find the next 7, the final two will be published next week with the beginning of the last blanket. Details of this will come very soon.

  • October 28: Pale Rose/ Storm Blue/ Silver/ Cloud Blue/ Mushroom. START OF STRIP EIGHT
  • October 29: Five round Mushroom
  • October 30: Stone/ Storm Blue/ Sage/ Raspberry/ Mushroom
  • October 31: Bluebell/ Pale Rose/ Violet/ Lobelia/ Mushroom
  • November 1: Pale Rose/ Cloud Blue/ Silver/ Storm Blue/ Mushroom
  • November 2: Bluebell/ Pale Rose/ Lobelia/ Violet/ Mushroom
  • November 3: Sage/ Storm Blue/ Raspberry/ Stone/ Mushroom

Yesterday’s post showed the progress so far – here is today’s square.

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