Funfetti HotchPotch #crochet6in366

We are very near to finishing this blanket now!

Today’s square
  • October 21: Pale Rose/ Bluebell/ Lobelia/ Violet / Mushroom
  • October 22: Silver/ Storm Blue/ Pale Rose/ Cloud Blue/ Mushroom
  • October 23: Storm Blue/ Sage/ Raspberry/ Stone/ Mushroom
  • October 24: Five round Mushroom
  • October 25: Violet/ Bluebell/ Pale Rose/ Lobelia/ Mushroom
  • October 26: Silver/ Cloud Blue/ Storm Blue/ Pale Rose/ Mushroom
  • October 27: Pale Rose/ Violet/ Bluebell/ Lobelia/ Mushroom END OF STRIP SEVEN

The next schedule will be published on Wednesday of next week In a day or two I’ll give you details of the last blanket in the series.

Have a fun week!

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