Funfetti HotchPotch and a hat!

Sometimes you just need a change.

My yarn of choice, for some time, has been a double knitting weight. This began because it was the only yarn sold by my very small but lovely local yarn store. Sadly that closed, so now I have the wealth of the internet from which to choose. The only chance I get to visit a real ‘wool shop’ is when I visit our daughter. Since ‘ye olde lockdowne’, however, this has only been possible once, and won’t be again for some time.

However, yarn purchases are also controlled by the object of the purchase, so as more and more requests for blankets came I was definitely in a DK rut! Time for something completely different I thought, so, along came a hat! Not only a hat – but a KNITTED hat – and a CHUNKY one at that!

It was a good interlude. I won’t be making another straight away, but I will be using it again. It’s King Cole Shadow Chunky, and the shade is Sahara. There are other delicious colours in the range and the best bit is the short and very random colour change. Completed out of one ball with enough left for a Pompom – but I chose this bobble instead. The making was spread over several days due to circumstances but could easily be completed in an evening.

So, now we return to Granny Squares! The sixth strip will be completed this week, and number seven will finish next week. We are well on the way now and I’m thinking about the last blanket that will follow next month, but more about that another day.

  • October 14: Violet, Lobelia, Pale Rose, Bluebell , Mushroom.
  • October 15: Storm Blue, Stone, Cypress, Raspberry, Mushroom.
  • October 16: Silver, Pale Rose, Storm Blue, Cloud Blue, Mushroom.
  • October 17: Bluebell, Lobelia, Pale Rose, Violet, Mushroom.
  • October 18: Cloud Blue, Storm Blue, Pale Rose, Silver, Mushroom. END of STRIP 6
  • October 19: Sage, Storm Blue, Stone, Raspberry, Mushroom. START of STRIP 7
  • October 20: Sage, Raspberry , Stone, Storm Blue , Mushroom
Today’s square

Don’t forget to weave in the ends as you go, and to join the squares too. The blanket is nearing completion.

Next sequence on Wednesday. Have a good week.

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