So, what is it about Granny Squares?

In recent times this blog, and most of my crochet projects, have concentrated on good old traditional Granny Squares. Nothing fancy, and often made with reasonable quality, but inexpensive, acrylic yarn.

If you are on Instagram you have probably seen that today is being celebrated as #grannysquareday2020 The initial idea was for a simple four round square to celebrate their usefulness, but over the years the idea has been expanded by participants to include all sort of sizes and patterns.

For most of the time I stick with the traditional pattern. There is an ‘honesty’ about it when using cheap yarn, and I’m fairly certain that I won’t investigate complicated patterns unless using a yarn that warrants something more.

I also like the fact that these squares are reversible. So many designs of blankets are ugly and incoherent on the reverse, and they are definitely not something I want to produce. The designs are often clever, and a good degree of skill is needed to accomplish them, but ….

Granny Squares may seem boring, but they are interesting exercises into colour and proportion too. They are also very useful travel companions! Leftover scraps of yarn can be used to their full advantage, with only approx 1.5 metres required for a centre.

While there is probably a limit of about 60 rounds for a blanket made from a single square the length of yarn needed can be as long

or short

as you wish.

… and there is plenty of scope for colour combinations.

How do you feel about Granny Squares? Why not leave a comment – and then at least I’ll know you’ve read it. Leave a link to any you want me to see and I’ll take a look. Why not join in with #crochet6in366 too?

Happy Granny Square Day 2020.

4 thoughts on “So, what is it about Granny Squares?

  1. I adore granny squares and usually have something new on the go involving them! At the moment I’m making rainbow granny squares in pastels.
    I like your top colour ombination with a yellow centre and then two blues!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Mindless crochet sums it up quite well. I totally understand the challenge aspect too. I spent years facing challenges in other realms of textiles and now mindless just suits me down to the ground! Colour is a challenge in all aspects of crochet, though. You have produced many beautiful things. Keep it up! 😊


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