The first strip is finished

I have to admit that I am LOVING working with these colours. They truly uplift my spirits. The first nine squares have been a joy!

Nine days, nine squares – and that means the first strip is complete.

Strip 2 began today. Don’t forget that you can follow daily progress here.

7 thoughts on “The first strip is finished

    1. Thanks for dropping in, Sandra. No, not whip stitch – I’m using cheap and cheerful acrylic, so a simple honest crochet join suits it perfectly. DC into each hole – 3 chain between. I think there’s a description somewhere on the blog. I’ll tag you if I find it.


  1. Thank you for the Instagram link, though I can’t quite see clearly how this is done. It looks a lovely neat join. If you have a visual step by step on your blog, I’d love to see it. You mention a DC into each hole. Is that in British or American terms? I use American, but a DC in British is a SC in American. Anyway. I must try it out, once I’ve worked it out!


    1. Basically –
      Squares back to back..
      Then it’s a US SINGLE CROCHET into the two holes to join, 3 chain, 1sc into next paired holes – and so on. I like the added texture it gives. It’s also quick and simple. I may do a little tutorial at some point in the future. Ask if this doesn’t make sense.


  2. Sandra

    I’m going to try it out as you’ve explained and I’ll let you know. I like this colour scheme so much that I’ve joined you on this one. I expect I’ll use the colours in a personal way. I had to order the new colours. I’m still waiting for mustard and dandelion. Clementine is giving some nice pep already!

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