A lesson learned? (Probably not ….)

Always read the label!

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

Colours change dramatically under some artificial light. This morning I can see that this isn’t DENIM!

I should have stayed with my original plan instead of trying to improve it when it was really time for sleep!

All sorted now – and guess what? The original plan was best anyway! 🙄

2 thoughts on “A lesson learned? (Probably not ….)

  1. Linda

    I know that feeling – I did the whole of row 82 on a blanket and half way through row 83 I was thinking to myself- this doesn’t seem right. Went back and read the pattern from row 82 again and saw I had stuffed it up and so had to frog those 1.5 rows. I’m just glad it wasn’t row 81 that was the mistake as that row had taken me just on 3 hrs with over 2,050 stitches in it !!!!
    I’m lovely the colours in your latest blankets.


    1. Oh no! Of course, the advantage I had was that even though a square was removed … I still had the square! Guess what? It’s started a new blanket! I’m sure I’ll share it soon 😉


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