Another #crochet6in366 week begins

Another week of June has passed and finally we have been able to have a little trip out. Not far, being very careful to distance socially, and not for long. It was such a pleasure after being shut in. We have been so grateful for the garden, and thankfully a few showers of rain, some obligingly overnight, have helped to keep it in flower. How are you all getting on? I took a break from Instagram this week, just because the week passed by …. and I forgot!

Two and a bit weeks of the current challenge blanket are published here; and that will bring us nicely into July, and on to Blanket number 4. Those details will be published nearer the time.

Week 24

  • June 17: 5 rounds Graphite
  • June 18: 4 rounds Plum, 1 round Graphite. Strip 7 ends
  • June 19: 5 rounds Graphite. Strip 8 begins.
  • June 20: Meadow, Lincoln, Meadow, Lincoln, Graphite
  • June 21: 5 rounds Graphite
  • June 22: 4 rounds Lapis, 1 round Graphite
  • June 23: 5 rounds Graphite.

Week 25

  • June 24: 2 rounds Lipstick, 2 rounds Matador, 1 round Graphite
  • June 25: 5 rounds Graphite. Strip 8 ends.
  • June 26 2 rounds Bright Pink, 2 rounds Burgundy 1 round Graphite. Strip 9 begins – the FINAL STRIP!
  • June 27: 5 rounds Graphite
  • June 28: 2 rounds Empire, 2 rounds Plum, 1 round Graphite.
  • June 29: 5 rounds Graphite
  • June 30: 4 rounds Sunshine, 1 round Graphite.

Week 26

  • July 1: 5 rounds Graphite
  • July 2: 2 rounds Sherbet, 2 rounds Sage, 1 round Graphite. Strip 9 ends

This sees the completion of the squares for this blanket. If you have worked in your ends and joined as you went along you are now ready for own choice of border.

New blanket begins July 3. Details soon.

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