Plans and Flaming June

Let’s start with Flaming June! Where has it gone? The sun was a blessing while we were all locked in, as it were, but there has certainly been a change in the last few days. Where would we be without the weather in the U.K.? It certainly keeps us on our toes!

We managed a few walks in the cool of the day.

We are blessed with a number of local walks.

This time we saw no highland cattle on the common land. They were cooling off in the shadows I’m sure.

Summer brings so much colour. Our garden hasn’t got really going yet, but I found this photo from last year.

We always grow our Nasturtiums from last year’s seeds. The colours are simply stunning and such a cheery sight. I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s crop. Did you know that both the leaves and the flowers are edible?

My #crochet6in366 blanket is coming along, and not too far from being finished.

At the rate of a square a day it leaves time for other projects, and this is one.

Just part of the Spirit of Spring blanket, and another square a day project.

The next scheduled post for #crochet6in366 will be published as usual on Wednesday, but I’ve started thinking about the next one. Using my over large stock of Graphite was my main objective for the current project, so I’m looking forward to working in colour again! Are you going to join me? I’m pretty sure that Nasturtiums will be my inspiration! Watch this space.

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