Week 12 #crochet6in366

There is a second post today which is not associated with this challenge. You can find it here.

Above is a reminder of the yarn numbers. Below is the schedule for this week. Another strip is finished and number 5 begun. That means that by the end of the week we will be over halfway through this blanket.

  • March 18: 3/1/4/6/6/6
  • March 19: 4/5/3/6/6/6
  • March 20: 2/4/1/6/6/6 Strip 4 ends
  • March 21: 1/4/3/6/6/6 Strip 5 begins
  • March 22: 4/5/1/6/6/6
  • March 23: 2/2/2/6/6/6
  • March 24: 1/3/5/6/6/6

One thought on “Week 12 #crochet6in366

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