Week 10 #crochet6in366

It always surprises me how quickly a blanket comes together if you join as you go. There are many ways of joining squares, and you are free to choose your own method. I have to admit that when working with cheap and cheerful acrylic I prefer to keep everything as simple as possible.

How are you getting on? Are you managing a square a day (I know many of you have found an opportunity to do this) or are you making them seven at a time? Whichever way you want to work is fine. I really did mean that there are no Crochet Police.

My movements for the next few days are not yet finalised, so I won’t publish two weeks here, but schedule a post if I do have to be away. So, with a reminder of the colours, here is the schedule for the coming week.

  • March 4: 2/5/4/6/6/6 Last of Strip 2
  • March 5: 4/1/5/6/6/6 First of Strip 3
  • March 6: 5/1/4/6/6/6
  • March 7: 4/1/2/6/6/6
  • March 8: 1/1/1/6/6/6
  • March 9: 1/3/2/6/6/6
  • March 10: 2/4/5/6/6/6

Just a little heads up. My order book has reopened, so get in touch if you would like something crocheted.

Have a good week. The blossom is starting to show, so spring really has begun. It’s worth noting that Deramores has a limited time offer on Easter patterns etc, so if you are thinking of making something now is the time to investigate

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