4 thoughts on “The end and a beginning

  1. Your blankets are looking good with their edgings. I especially like the edging on the pastel (duck egg colour) one!
    I won’t be starting a new blanket until I’ve finished this one. I’ve finished all the squares now to make two extra rows and will now start attaching them and then add a simple border. Did you get the photo I sent you of my blanket in the 6 x 8 squares all joined?
    I already have the yarn and chosen colours for my next project. My temperature blanket is getting bigger too! I’ll be showing my finished blanket on my blog at the end of the month.

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      1. Sandra

        I’ll be putting the finished blanket on my blog at the end of the month, so it’s easier if you look at it there. Strange that you don’t receive my email. I used the new address you gave me!

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      2. I received the email, Sandra, but no images. I did reply. Did you receive that? It’s very grey and wet here today. Think I may have to crochet to add a bit of colour 😉


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