#crochet6in366 continues – Blanket 2 begins.

There were 48 squares in the last blanket. This second one will be bigger. There will be a total of 72 squares of six rounds. You can follow along, change the colours, or ‘do your own thing’. As before there are no crochet police – feel free to ‘go with the flow’. So this week there is only one square to describe.

Blanket two colours.

As before the numbers in the sequence will relate to the colours as shown above.

Week 7 Blanket Two

February 18: 2/5/1/6/6/6

The next sequence will be published on Wednesday February 19

3 thoughts on “#crochet6in366 continues – Blanket 2 begins.

    1. Lime is quite useful as a contrast, but I can understand it may be too acid. It can also double as a yellow, so is good for contrast with blues or reds. I always try to include a contrast.


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