So, what’s next?

Blanket number one is all but finished, have you followed along to see what it’s all about? Have you made a blanket following the theme? Have you been quietly making your own squares? Maybe you will consider following along with blanket number 2?

The second in this series begins on February 18. I’m only making one this time, and I’ve decided to use the leftovers from the last Magenta project with a few additions. I’m rejecting the Lobelia and Burgundy but keeping the Lime, Violet and Magenta. The two colours I’m adding are Sherbet and Wisteria. This will be a slightly larger project with Cream used as the joining colour. I tossed up between Parchment, White and Cream for joining, all would have worked, but cream suits its purpose best of all. All yarns mentioned are Stylecraft Special DK.

If you are buying yarn specifically for this project you will need one ball of each colour with six balls of Cream. As before THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE QUANTITIES FOR A BORDER! Of course, as before you can choose your own colours and follow along.

Let me know in the comments if you are going to follow along. The instructions will be posted in a similar manner, but will be different in their execution, as it were.

6 thoughts on “So, what’s next?

  1. I shall be interested in seeing your next project, though I shall be quietly continuing my first one to get to the number of squares beyond the 8 x 6 which isn’t big enough for the use I have for it. I shall do another couple of rows to make 10 squares in length and then add a little to the width. I will do a simple border to finish off with.

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  2. Linda

    I’m going to finish my first blanket and then continue to make squares for blankets using my stash. Thank you for the motivation you provide for this project – it’s invaluable to me.
    Have the best day Myfanwy xox

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