The story so far …

It wasn’t many minutes into the New Year before I knew that a Temperature Blanket had to be back on the agenda for 2020!

This will be the fifth year I’ve kept records in colour – varying from one blanket for 12 months (too unwieldy and not to be repeated unless a very special reason), various monthly blankets, and, my favourite, season by season.

I’ve decided on the latter.

The current season, winter, began in December, so alongside the squares for January I’ve been playing catch-up with last months too. Today I can announce that I’m all ‘caught up’!

There, on the left, is December. It’s obvious where it ends – the single colour blue square denotes the most used colour, and therefore the predominant temperature of the month. Denim represents 9deg C, and that square is followed by a ‘makeweight’ cream square as the total number of days in winter don’t divide happily by any suitable number! (There will be a few of these, you’ll see).

January is up to date too. One more square tomorrow then, after checking all are in the right order, the joining ends will be woven in and another strip completed.

I have to admit that I love working in squares of this size, and another idea is already forming for another blanket. However, #crochet6in366 is underway, so maybe now is not the time to deviate too far away from that! Tomorrow will see the completion of the second strip, more about that another day!

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