A touch of cheery colour

So… September is dead and gone! Autumn is upon us, and soon the leaves will be turning. I’m exhausted. It’s been a harrowing few months, but we must keep going. It’s a good thing I have some colour in my life!

Finally the tags can be removed on this one and it can be passed on to its forever home. That won’t be until later this month, but it’s so good to see the finished item. I began it on 26th August, and it was completed on 30th September. It was almost finished when I published the previous post but I couldn’t decide on which simple border I wanted to use. A fussy border would have been invisible with so much colour in the body of the blanket.

In the meantime I began the next item on the list.

More about this next time, especially as it too is now almost finished and I’m hoping to hand it over in the next couple of weeks. So, I’m off now to remove the tags from the rainbow but before I do that I’ll tell you a story.

This post was meant to come to you a few days ago. It was to be accompanied by a video made using my new tripod. I daringly set myself up, pressed the button – and off I went!  It was brilliant!!!

The only trouble was that somehow I’d recorded it all upside down! 😳 So here instead is a shaky handheld substitute which will have to do. As I’m now further along with blanket number 2 this is not the subject of the previous video. You can find it here, I hope you will take a look.

Relating to the video – here’s the link I promised.




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