Pastels? Hmm…

Remember my last post? I mentioned that I don’t often ‘do’ pastels! This was greeted with much hilarity by one close friend who pointed to a pile of throws and blankets in similar colours to the above! I was forced into defence – and here it is for you too.

The above squares are for a Temperature Blanket! Yes, they are pastel-y, but they are dictated by a recurring colour scheme. Each colour represents an individual temperature, and I have no control over the weather. I make blankets based on various dates for customers, so who knows what colours may be just around the corner. The ones above represent (not in any particular order) 4, 11, 12 and 14°C.

So, I state again, pastels are not my first choice of colour way, and having mulled things over will remain that way. I am working on something new, though, and this MAY even result in a pattern (notice I said ‘may’). Here’s just a glimpse, alongside something else from the work bag.

Now, the following does include some affiliate links. I’ve joined the ever-growing band of people who are finding it hard to afford their blog etc, so I hope you will support me by clicking through and hopefully buying too. The end of the month is always a good time to buy from Deramores as they often offer double points along with discounts.

I won’t be dancing around the maypole tomorrow, but I will be working on my new project. I have an exciting trip coming up later in the month, too, so I may have to concentrate a little on a new wardrobe!

Have fun!

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