I seem to be stuck on blocks!

Do you know that feeling…..

You just want to get started on a blanket!

My fingers are itching!!

I have the yarn, but I’m still waiting for the final instructions. The sex of the baby will be revealed very soon – and that will determine whether pink or blue is the added colour! I must be patient and occupy myself in another way.

So, I’m stuck on blocks!

Blocks for the Spirit of March have progressed well – until I ran out of Cypress! I’ll be off to the shop later today to stock up on a few colours and that will be included.

So in the meantime I have just been making blocks. …

There is a plan at the back of my mind, but this is really not urgent so it can soon be put on a back burner.

Four colours in a square which makes for 24 squares in each combination.

I finished another 24 yesterday, so I’ll have a new combination to start today…. or tomorrow…. or…

Next time I run out of yarn…….

It’s a ‘Fall Back’ project! It’s on Ravelry – but don’t hold your breath until it’s finished 😉



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