Really pleased at the final result of this blanket. It’s been slow progress – but only due unexpected circumstances. It will be delivered next week. If you would like a similar one let me know – I’m taking orders. 😉

Current WIP

This month has passed really quickly. It’s been fun to share with you each day, and today’s topic will confirm that I am still working on the Raspberry Lobelia blanket!


The rows are now getting shorter – but I think that it will take most if not all of April to finish it. I may be surprised – time may become available to do a little more than I expect. If you would like to follow it’s rough progression this link will show you all the posts that include a few details.

National Crochet Month is over for this year – below is the last list of all the prompts, if you would like to revisit them you can find them all here. Tomorrow begins with the first letter of the A-Z challenge – not all posts will be about crochet, but probably all will be talking about creativity in some form or another. I’ll also update you with progress on the above blanket from time to time, possibly on a Sunday when there are no A-Z posts scheduled. Thanks for all your recent comments – I will get around to answering as soon as I can spend time on the PC.

By the way, before you disappear to do something else you might like to click this link and visit Daniella Joe’s blog where you can enter a generous giveaway.

Current WIP

Half way! The turning point!

This is a Corner to Corner crocheted blanket. Otherwise known as a C2C, you might like to come and join us in the Ravelry C2C group – the link is below and in the sidebar.

Tonight the rows will begin to get shorter. I started it on 28th Feb, and it ‘grew’ on me. There are 15 colours – a mix of pinks, blues and a neutral. I was able to devote more time to it than expected, but who knows what the future holds!

Posted for National Crochet Month. There will be another post for this theme tomorrow – and I will also give you an idea of the posts I will be making for the April A-Z challenge. If you are thinking of taking part there is a link in the sidebar to the details.




Making the most of an extra day!

Happy Birthday, Eileen. This is a day to celebrate – your 15th birthday party. Enjoy

My day started very early. I awoke shortly after midnight and was still up at 3am. Consequently I continued with a new blanket that I began yesterday evening.


Forgive the bad photograph – it was taken just before I went back to bed. I’ll do more later and photograph in better light tomorrow. If you are interested you can also find it on Ravelry

What are you doing on your Leap day? DanielleJoe has written about her day here.