Catching up 

I thought I had already shown you progress on Ocean 9. How wrong could I be?  My memory is not as good as it was, obviously!

It’s coming along nicely. About a month’s more work I think. Only able to work on it about an hour a day for a while. 

I’m considering a C2C Crochetalong in a couple of months. Anyone interested? 


Back on dry land!

Today I’m planning on returning to my main project. It’s been hanging fire for a while as I wanted to keep it under wraps while I was away from home with its intended recipient.


Returning to an Ocean theme is appropriate as I have just spent four days on the water.



Blue seas and blue skies – and we weren’t that far from home! I managed a little crochet – but have to admit that it was only three rows on the red herring.




They have both reached approximately the same stage, now the pink and cream will have to wait. Look – I’m all set up and ready to rumble!



First colour sequence finished

I’ve decided to count these rows slightly differently. I have no idea if this will work – it will be too late to change by the time it is finished. Here’s the first colour repeat.



I think the colours will become more apparent in the next post.

I’m also wondering if I dare take this away on holiday with me….. I have no qualms about doing it – but not sure DH will approve 😉


Don’t forget to come and join us in the CrochetC2C group on Ravelry. We are only small – but we like to see what you are making.