Five Colour Friday and more

For what it’s worth – August has been an interesting month. Frankly, the thought of blogging has been furthest from my mind – and the month ‘off’ has done me good. Sometimes ‘life’ just has to take over. I won’t bore you with all the details, but the above picture will give you an ideaContinue reading “Five Colour Friday and more”

Five Colour Friday

My birthday month of August is almost here. A year ago we were travelling to Wales, hopeful that ‘freedom’ was right round the corner. In theory it arrived earlier this month, but it doesn’t feel as ‘free’ as it did 12 months ago. Do you feel the same? So, we arrive at another Five ColourContinue reading “Five Colour Friday”

It’s too hot to crochet!

We love a blue sky, don’t we? One of the things I’ve noticed since lockdown began all those months ago, and travel decreased dramatically, is that the sky has become cloudless more often. Normally, by the time this picture was taken, there would be vapour trails all over – even high in the sky, andContinue reading “It’s too hot to crochet!”