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C’est Finis!

No blood, not much sweat, and certainly no tears! The Blanket of Fire is finished! I have really enjoyed making this blanket, and am sad it's finished. I know it will be loved. I'm willing to post details of yarn used and sequence if anyone would like it - just leave a comment below.  … Continue reading C’est Finis!

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Hot stuff 

Progress continues to be slow with this Blanket of Fire, but it's still an enjoyable project. Sadly my mother died at the end of last month, and we are still waiting for the funeral. There are about 40 more rows to do - so definitely on the 'downhill'. I find these projects very difficult to… Continue reading Hot stuff 

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Never say …

I did say that progress would be slow on the Blanket of Fire. Well, it is. The diagonal is getting shorter, but there is still a long way to go. I'm loving working with the mix of colours, though, and tomorrow it will be a month since it was started. One of the reds is… Continue reading Never say …

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Half way The gallery was made with the new WP app - Mesh. Click the arrow to see the rest of the pictures. I'm not sure if I like the result or not, at the moment the jury is out. Maybe I'll get used to it..... The Blanket of Fire is progressing. So exciting to reach… Continue reading Half way

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It’s growing 

Work on this blanket has been curtailed somewhat as I've hurt my hand. However, it is growing and I'll be able to continue soon. While I've had nothing else to do I've also been thinking about the colour combination for the next one..... I think I'll be adding another couple of colours - but I'm… Continue reading It’s growing 

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Red and yellow ….

Some colours are really difficult to photograph with the iPhone. There is no blue or violet! It will all become clear in time. Enjoy your New Year if you are celebrating - if not - sleep well! 😉  I'm not sure what I'll be doing..... but it will probably involve a bottle of red. Happy… Continue reading Red and yellow ….