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February, not quite over!

Well, the month may be over, but in truth some of the deadlines haven't been met, crochet-wise, I'm almost there, but here's the story. In fact, none of the 'deadlines' matter, but I won't put them to one side - I'll carry on until they are finished. Firstly, let me tell you about the 'Spirit… Continue reading February, not quite over!

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Five Colour Friday

You have probably guessed that I love playing with colour. It is fun to do regardless of the medium that you choose. Sometimes colour will spill over from one craft to another - and often this will form the basis of design. Today's colourscheme began with paper play. I was painting pages for my Nine… Continue reading Five Colour Friday

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Seven Colour Saturday!

No, I don't think this will become a regular feature but it seems a good title for today's post! I don't think I've miscounted, but we'll see. I am really enjoying the temperature projects for February. The colours are stimulating despite the chill in the air. You may remember that as well as making a… Continue reading Seven Colour Saturday!

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Five Colour Friday

The first Five Colour Friday for 2018. Pretty colours that I've enjoyed using. The outer colour is Mocha, a medium shade of warm brown which is a very useful linking colour. It's been a while since I used this block and it was fun to return to it. Once again the colours are Stylecraft Special… Continue reading Five Colour Friday

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Almost there …

My first blanket of the Stashbuster series is almost finished. I just have a little more tidying up to do and that will be that. I'm going to call it the Betsy Blanket because it reminds me of someone! Here are a few glimpses, but another post will come soon with further details. I'm really… Continue reading Almost there …