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Three down, one to go

I'm so glad I kept records! I wanted to choose a linking colour to join the four seasonal elements that have been finished with different colours - Parchment, Stone, Camel and Gold. I have no idea yet how the final blanket will be finished ( as far as the final edging is concerned) because once… Continue reading Three down, one to go

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It’s coming together

This is a quick post, just to show you the progress on the Temperature Blanket. Here is November joined to it's Autumn fellows. It wasn't easy to photograph, and this line wasn't really the best place, but it will have to do It's actually upside down, but the little taggy things kept getting blown by… Continue reading It’s coming together

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Thinking ahead

The next few weeks will be very busy. I have a lot to do on several fronts, and crochet will probably have to take a back seat. It's probably the same for you all too. Progress on the Temperature blanket continues. I have begun to work the edge of each block, just two rounds of… Continue reading Thinking ahead

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The end of September

Cruising and more during the last part of September meant that the Temperature Blanket took a back seat for a while. It didn't take long to finish that month, however, in fact, I did it while we travelled north to Scotland. We had three drivers, so a backseat was comfortable place to crochet. The October… Continue reading The end of September

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You may not know

... that in a previous life I dyed! Textiles have been my life in many shapes and forms for many years. Apart from dyeing I have taught many different techniques. I'm putting together some bundles for a class on a couple of weeks, but am offering some here. Bundles of 3 pieces of viscose felt.… Continue reading You may not know