Five Colour Friday 

This granny square is a mix of yarns. I’ve chosen some by Cygnet and a few from Scheepjes. All are double knitting. Cygnet: Barley, Soft Coral and Harvest Scheepjes: Knokke and Nijmegen If you wish to indulge you can buy them all from Mrs Snufflebean. You could make a whole blanket with 120 different combinationsContinue reading “Five Colour Friday “

Play with a purpose – The Posy Square

All you need is a ball of yarn and a hook! I’ve been playing around with a few odd balls of scrap yarn. Some were so small they really qualified as ‘lengths’ rather than ‘balls’. However, the object was to make a circle in a squaare – as easily as possible! Now I don’t  expectContinue reading “Play with a purpose – The Posy Square”