Temperature Blanket 2018

I’m planning on continuing with the project I began in November 2016. I really enjoyed the process and learnt a great deal. However, this one will run for the whole year and not be linked to the seasons.

This one is planned to have only one linking colour – and to be made in strips of either 18 blocks by 20 rows, or 20 blocks by 18 rows. I’ll decide when I get to January 18th! The colours will remain the same as the first blanket with the exception of Jaffa!

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The legend in this little slideshow will show the colours planned, and those with yarn added are the temperatures that actually occurred. You will see that there was a colour planned for almost every eventuality!

As before (and shown in the above image) the central colour will be the morning temperature and the next the highest or lowest later in the afternoon. That’s just the way I decided to personalise the blanket, rather than use the temperatures provided by the Met Office.

I’ve decided on Parchment for the linking colour this year. It worked well for winter in the last blanket, and goes well with most colours.

Fancy joining in? I’ll be blogging my progress here, and posting pictures on Instagram. If you do please add the hashtag #nuvofelttemperature2018 then I can follow your blankets too. I’ll be making a series of Spirit of the Month blankets too. More info here.

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