Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – B is for..


Yesterday I told you about my practice of creating something each day. Sometimes these are tiny creations and may become part of a little collection. The ideal way to display (or keep them on one place 😉 ) is to often include them in a little handmade book.

Little books with pockets are also ideal as permanent or temporary holders for holiday memorabilia. I recently wrote about a book I’ve made in readiness for my next little time away. Soon I’ll be adding to the pages – pockets, extensions and folders. Washi tape is good for that! I bet you’ve got some lying around 😉


A step in another direction

Did I bit off more than I could chew? I’ll let you decide.

This is one of the blogs I follow. Recently there was a call for pattern testers. I decided I’d give it a try – even though this would be dthe first time I’e followed a pattern!

Firstly, I made a mistake, but it wasn’t the fault of the pattern!


I wanted to use some of my own hand-dyed yarn. There is very little in my shop at the moment, but I have an enormous stash to list of mostly cotton embroidery yarns. The one I chose, however, although recommended for knitting was impossible to crochet. Made from 10 very fine, loose strands I found it just kept getting tangled in the hook. It was fine for the first part of the pattern (which is fun to do, by the way), but became too awkward once I attempted the next stage.

As a consequence I had to resort to my stash of Stylecraft yarn which I knew would work with the hook.

Well, this time it was easy! The resulting flower motif is a delight and I’ll be using it again. You can see more about the tests here, and this is where you will find the ridiculously cheap pattern. I’ll be making the block again – I have something in mind, but first I have two blankets to finish! More about that tomorrow.

Three down, one to go!

It always amuses me that the border takes so long. It’s very satisfying to see it developing, though. So far I’ve completed three rounds.

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One more to go – and then……..


I’m SO Excited!

Last night I was able to do a few more rows than I expected. This morning I have taken stock…..

AND REALISE THAT I’M ALMOST THERE! All being well I will finish the main body of the blanket this weekend.


Now I’m thinking about auditioning for the border.

I think I’ve decided, but you will have to wait and see 😉


Yarn Bomb: Byron Bay

What fun!

That Girl Who Crochets


We spent the day at Byron Bay last weekend. Byron Bay has a reputation for relaxed people, backpackers, and being eccentric. Home to the coolest markets ever, this place feels like a world away from the Gold Coast. The main part of town is only a couple of streets, but is always packed! I noticed someone had yarn bombed one of the round-a-bouts! It was so bright and colourful and grabbed the attention of heaps of people! If you are ever close by it’s worth a stop, even for some fish and chips on the beach!

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