I’ve been contemplating gratitude. I have so much – and am so grateful.

A friend of ours has cancer. A brain tumour has been removed – now radiotherapy begins. Once that is complete they begin to treat his lung cancer. A widower, he had no family until he remarried a widow with no children. Thankfully they have taken him to their hearts and are supporting him.

I cherish the time with our family. We are blessed to have four grandchildren of various ages – and we see them regularly. It’s hard to believe that our daughter and son were once their age! Photographs like this serve as a reminder that there is still a lot of life to come.


I’m not ready to show you the progress on the Michaelmas Throw – instead I’ll just show you something with which I’ve been playing.


There’ll be more about this once the other is finished – and that won’t be long!



A step in another direction

Did I bit off more than I could chew? I’ll let you decide.

This is one of the blogs I follow. Recently there was a call for pattern testers. I decided I’d give it a try – even though this would be dthe first time I’e followed a pattern!

Firstly, I made a mistake, but it wasn’t the fault of the pattern!


I wanted to use some of my own hand-dyed yarn. There is very little in my shop at the moment, but I have an enormous stash to list of mostly cotton embroidery yarns. The one I chose, however, although recommended for knitting was impossible to crochet. Made from 10 very fine, loose strands I found it just kept getting tangled in the hook. It was fine for the first part of the pattern (which is fun to do, by the way), but became too awkward once I attempted the next stage.

As a consequence I had to resort to my stash of Stylecraft yarn which I knew would work with the hook.

Well, this time it was easy! The resulting flower motif is a delight and I’ll be using it again. You can see more about the tests here, and this is where you will find the ridiculously cheap pattern. I’ll be making the block again – I have something in mind, but first I have two blankets to finish! More about that tomorrow.

The start of another

Deciding on colours for a blanket for a man is not easy!  I hope you will like my choices as this blanket progresses. It won’t be the same size as the last one and will be crocheted alongside another project or two so that my days are filled with a good mix of colour.

This began with the Mocha and Walnut which were part of the Sunflower blanket. I used as little as possible of these colours in that, so there is a decent amount left. Like the Sunflower blanket, all yarn will be Stylecraft Special DK because that is available in my local shop and I like to support small business. If I need another ball of anything I can walk there within 20 minutes – so it’s a healthy reason for choosing this yarn too 😉


More details about this when I  do a few more rows.

I’ve also been tackling something that is new to me. I have made many 3D flowers. I even made some on TV during a demonstration, but I have never tackled one with a hook. Well, guess what!


I can’t share much more with you yet, but watch this space. Yesterday’s results were interesting. One success and one failure. The latter was my fault – I chose the wrong yarn. In so doing I discovered something rather special, though, so when I’ve finished experimenting I’ll share more with you.

Have a great ‘hooky’ day everyone. It’s cool and grey here, so I’d better keep warm with a blanket 😉