It’s growing 


Work on this blanket has been curtailed somewhat as I’ve hurt my hand. However, it is growing and I’ll be able to continue soon.

While I’ve had nothing else to do I’ve also been thinking about the colour combination for the next one…..


I think I’ll be adding another couple of colours – but I’m nearly there…..

Orders placed!

One of our grand-daughters is five years old. She is desperate to learn to knit – and has caught on really quickly. However, she has been watching me crochet, and although she hasn’t yet asked how to do it she has loved watching the change of colours.

She often helps me choose threads to put together into my hand dyed selections (similar to these on Etsy) and has begun to examine in detail my collection of yarn which I use for crochet. Last week she asked if I would make her a scarf. Today she presented me with two pieces of paper

This is the first


These are the colours she would like in her scarf!

The second list?

Not only does she want one for herself – but also one for Mummy. These lists were unsolicited and written without help.

I’d better get started 😉

Including Lobelia!

Playing with a sequence to include some of the new Stylecraft colours. Second from the right is Lobelia and first on the left is Duck Egg. This is a baby sized blanket.


The sequence above is noted here.

The fun starts with the planning !

While I have only returned to crochet relatively recently I have worked with textiles for decades. Thankfully there are many associated skills that are useful across many disciplines. Sampling diring design is so important, and that’s what I’m doing now. 

Just working on a few samples